Phobias and Health

Hypnosis for phobias and health and a healthier life

Hypnosis for phobias and health can improve our chances of achieving a more healthful life and improve our relationship with our bodies and food.

Hypnosis for weight loss and other significant lifestyle changes for health is an often misunderstood treatment.

Certified health and life coach and qualified hypnotherapist Viv Adams helps clients with weight challenges or other physical challenges to gain freedom from a physical limit and discover how to take back control of the unconscious patterns that undermine their efforts.

Do you feel ready to make friends with your body and food again and break the self-defeating cycle of guilt and self-sabotage?

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Hypnosis for phobias and health

Quit smoking, vaping or other addictions, with hypnosis for phobias and health.

Did you know you can retrain your brain to switch off the cravings of addiction and retrain your unconscious mind to produce different chemicals instead?

The same applies to fears and phobias that cause us anxiety and prevent us from doing what we want to do.

We can change our mindset and our body chemistry to manage our response to situations or unconscious triggers and to get through things.

Understanding what happens when you are fearful or craving is the first step in taking back the power of control and discover you have choices again.

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Physical rehabilitation and pain management.

Hypnotherapy has been recognised as an effective tool in managing chronic pain and assisting people in their physical rehabilitation journey back from injury and physical trauma.

As a certified health and mind coach Viv Adams can work in with your doctor and any other members of your health team, ensuring optimum effectiveness and value

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“If you are looking for someone that can truly help you get out of your own way pretty much immediately – look no further! Viv is incredible! She has an ability to cut through the fluff & basically help you to rewire your brain. Harnessing the power of your unconscious to design the life that you want. I know people who have worked with Viv & have successfully given up smoking, learnt how to switch off from work at night & tapped into their ability to “super charge” their focus to work more efficiently. I highly recommend Viv – she gets it, she’s lovely & she’s committed to helping you get results.”   

Amy Scott

“Viv is an amazing hypnotherapist who really gets to know her clients and creates changes on a really deep level.  I can really recommend Viv to anyone that wants to make a change in their lives.”

Sara Wilson

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Empowering Minds for Life also provides hypnotherapy for professional and personal performance, empowerment and self-confidence to help you be your best self.