Empowering Minds for Life Hypnotherapy

Your mindset reset partner

Empowering Minds for Life provides authentic, person-centred hypnotherapy and coaching to help you achieve the mindset reset you need to let go of negative stress and anxiety, overcome barriers, phobias and health challenges and to be your best self. 

Work in partnership with qualified hypnotherapist Vivien Adams (DipCAH) to discover how you can change your mindset, free yourself from emotional, mental and physical limitations and take control of your body chemistry to manage your response to things and get through things.

Why choose Empowering Minds for Life?

Hypnosis works when the individual is committed to making change. So, ask yourself; are you willing and ready to challenge the power of your conscious and unconscious mind and step into your own power?

Hypnotherapy - Empowering minds for Life

Can I be hypnotised?

Answers to hypnotherapy FAQs. 

That’s a great question. Get answers to this and more of the questions most often asked about hypnosis and how it works. These FAQs will dispel some of the myths and misconceptions about hypnosis and help you understand the hypnotherapy treatments offered through Empowering Minds for Life.

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Getting out of your own way

Professional and personal development hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis tools. 

Empowering Minds for Life incorporates hypnotherapy with evidence-based lifestyle coaching tools and resources, including NLP, self-hypnosis, mindfulness and powerful conversations. Hypnotherapy, combined with self-liberating proactive and coactive process can help you undo the knots in your head that are preventing you from reaching your potential and help you achieve the mindset reset you need to harness the power you have within to activate your best. When you access your personal power, you can get your life back on track even better than before.

Professional and Personal Performance

Hypnotherapy as a treatment

Treating phobias, smoking addictions, physical limits, pain management and more. 

Clinical hypnotherapy is a proven tool for overcoming anxiety or fear related mental barriers. It is used to help people quit smoking, address weight problems and more. But did you know it can help with physical recovery and pain management?

Working with Viv Adams, you’ll discover you have choices you never thought you had to break out of negative habits, overcome your phobias or gain freedom from physical limits.

More about Phobias and Health


“I was going through some high stressed situation through work which in turn led to behaviours at home which I did not like… I was very anxious about hypnotherapy as I did not fully understand the process. Vivienne made the experience very comfortable and still does. I’ve seen a huge difference in my stress levels and my responses to family and other stresses that I’m confronted with. Her follow up is great along with recordings which has enabled and taught me to self-hypnosis. Highly skilled and highly recommended!”    

Liam Thomas